Skin Science Microdermabrasion Machine


The Skin Science Microdermabrasion System comes equipped with the following components:
Closed Loop System
Multiple Crystal Options
Multiple Hand Piece Options
Crystal Free Option
Perpetual Service Agreement
Powerful System
Precise Vacuum & Crystal Control
Phone Support

Pre-Owned units also available! Only $1500 for a package deal. Give us a call 866.620.9896

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Product Description

The new Skin Science System is destined to swiftly become a leader in its field. IBS has designed a closed loop system which incorporates some intriguing new features. For example, the Skin Science System has been specially conceived, engineered, and manufactured to abrade the surface of your skin, while simultaneously using a vacuum like suction process to clear away dead and damaged skin cells.

This is bound to prove extremely exciting news to millions of individuals all across the world. Not only does the new Skin Science System assist the process of keeping your skin in tip top shape by using a revolutionary new process of crystal abrasion. The vacuum process which the Skin Science System incorporates acts to bring blood to the surface of your skin. This is an extremely important breakthrough in the science of skin exfoliation, as it works to actively promote cell renewal and vigorous, healthy growth. The process also brings an unexpected extra benefit: it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system in the area which is being exfoliated.

In short, the Skin Science System enables you to achieve, with only one unit, results which used to require two or more. Using the Skin Science System enables the purchaser to perform procedures, either with crystals, or completely crystal free. The choice is yours. If you choose to utilize the Crystal Free Module, the unit comes equipped with a unique crystal-free diamond tip handpiece. This handpiece includes nine different size tips, complete with tubing.


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